From Inception to Completion

An Eye for Design

Our team handles all facets of your project, starting with the first consultation all the way to the culmination of the grand opening (and every step in between).  Combine our knowledge and expertise with an unparalleled customer service mindset and it’s no secret why we have so many satisfied clients. We specialize in space planning for restaurants, banking facilities, learning centers, industrial and manufacturing facilities, cultural institutions, corporate offices, and more.


Architectural Design

Even the most beautiful building in the world is not good design if it doesn’t work for its owner and occupants.  MTM will work with you from the very first consultation to understand what’s driving your desire for a new or remodeled space.  We have expertise in designing a full range of attractive and functional spaces, including office space, restaurants, hospitality, residential and so much more. We work with you closely on all aspects of the project:

• Programming
• Schematic Design
• Design Development
• Construction Documents
• Bidding/Negotiation
• Construction Administration


Interior Design

Have you ever approached a new facility that has perfect attention to detail on the exterior, only to be disappointed the moment you walk in the front door?  MTM will be there to make sure that building is not your building!  The environment and experience inside of your space are just as important as the view from the outside.  Our team of experts will make sure all aspects of interior design are addressed:

• Define Desired Interior Experience
• Finish Selection
• Furniture Selection
• Interior 3D Renderings
• Interior Features and Elements


Project Management

MTM manages both simple and complex teams for projects of all sizes.  Of course, we perform this service on our own projects, but we are happy to represent owners on a project management level even if we’re not designing it.  Projects can be complex animals, and having a 3rd party company keep the project on schedule can be a huge benefit to your project’s success.  MTM will manage all stages and aspects of your project, including:

• Project Schedule
• Project Budget
• Conduct Progress Meetings (Design/Construction)
• Document Project Progress
• Coordination of Drawings, Permit Submissions, etc.


Construction Administration

After all of the decisions are made and the design is on paper, it’s time for the best part: seeing it all come to life in real time.  Like the design process, the construction effort must also be managed to ensure success.  MTM will be an integral part of the team, working with the owner, contractor and consultants to help the construction process move efficiently and smoothly.  Our team will help to manage all stages of construction, including:

• Contractor Bidding Process
• Plan Review Submission
• Construction Progress Reports
• Review of Contractor Requests for Information (RFI’s), Submittals and Pay Applications
• Project Closeout

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